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Alte24 - Portal ads and sites

Alte24 - Portal ads and sites
Do not know how to get rid of unnecessary things, looking for work, looking for an apartment for rent, or maybe you want to buy something cheap?
Then welcome to the alte24 website - bulletin board of Lviv and all of Ukraine! Here you will find everything you need - from the smallest to the largest. Buying and selling new and used goods, job offers for representatives of all levels and professions, renting and leasing apartments and rooms, all this and much more on the pages of the site alte24. You will also be able to sell almost anything, and buy almost everything at prices specified by users. Often the prices of goods are low, which will allow you to easily buy the thing you have long dreamed of, or what thing is needed now.
Posting ads is now very simple, just register, then click on the Add ads, turn the category, make an attractive description, specify the price and contact information - it's easy.
That's not all! The site has various features that will be able to distinguish your ad among others and thus attract the Ramus of millions of users of the site alte24, and billions of search engines, such as many others, and sell even that is very difficult to sell.
We will give you a unique chance to sell everything and buy everything, from now on everything is in your hands! We wish you success.) Our products are sold and bought with satisfaction and your comfort.



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Bulletin board of Bashtansky district. It was created for the purpose of placing announcements and communication, exchange of information between the inhabitants of the settlements of Bashtanka, Novy Bug, Kazanka, Snihurivka, Berezniguvate and other settlements on the territory of Bashtan district.

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