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In our fleet there are trucks designed to transport special equipment, oversized and other goods up to 22 tons, as well as the ability to tow buses and trucks (on a platform or on a rigid clutch with air supply and dismantling the propeller shaft).
Cars are equipped with means for securing cargo (chains, belts, etc.), as well as equipped with winches.
We transport:
- cars, jeeps, buses;
- special equipment (rollers, excavators, forklifts, tractors, etc.) up to 22 tons, height up to 3 m .;
- trucks and buses up to 22 tons (on a rigid clutch up to 40 tons);
- oversized cargo;
- pavilions, kiosks, containers, etc. (possible loading / unloading by the manipulator);
- building materials;
- any cargo on an open platform (metal structures, barrels, machines, etc.)
- manipulator services;
- truck services with manipulator;
- tow truck services with a hydraulic platform;
- tow truck services up to 22 tons;
- towing on a rigid coupling with air supply and dismantling of a cardan shaft;
- trawl services.



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Area: All Ukraine


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