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The motorcycle will pass where the car has no chance. The roar of the engine, the wind in your face, the lights flashing at a frantic speed, the feeling of flight and weightlessness - this is what only a motorcycle can give. City streets or highways - everything is subject to the "iron horse", you just need to choose one that will become one with its owner.

High speed is always a risk. This should never be forgotten. That is why, before getting on a motorcycle, it is worth acquiring the appropriate equipment. Helmet, gloves, special clothing and footwear perform not only a protective function, but also create a certain image. Who could be more attractive than a stylish biker? The admiring glances of the girls are guaranteed to you!



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DTZ Tractors

Online store of agricultural machinery from motoblocks to tractors. The accident brand offers the largest warranty on the equipment - 3 years. Accident service centers are located throughout Ukraine.

Car enamels and car paints

Shop "Bmart" is a leading regional supplier of paints and varnishes, as well as related materials for painting and polishing cars.

The world of modern transportation

Passenger transportation and delivery of flights on the route Ukraine - Czech Republic - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium.